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Pay Per Call

Blu wants a win-win situation for everyone. We believe in being fair with our customers. With our Pay-Per-Call Program, you get what you pay for… qualified leads.

Pay Only for Quality Calls

We have come up with a system that fairly throws out all of the junk calls your business may receive from telemarketers, repeat callers, or wrong number dialers. We don’t believe you should have to pay for them. We’re fair and will only charge you for qualified leads.

Great Option For Any Budget

Our Pay Per Call Marketing Program is a great option for companies with all marketing budget sizes. This program has been tested successfully with large national companies with thousands of dollars to spend, and local smaller companies who have a limited budget.

An Awesome Tool for Performance Measurement

With this program, you’ll know exactly how many calls are coming in. If you track it right, as most of our customers do, you’ll be able to effectively measure your ROI and even your employee’s performance in selling your product or service.

Many of our clients have redesigned their business plans based on the results we were able to show them with our program. Our Pay Per Call Program can help diagnose the areas where your business may need some help.