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About CallBlu

CallBlu started when two companies began working together trying to produce Search Engine Optimization products for their clients that showed true value.

An SEO/Web Design Company and an Advertising Company Collide

CallBlu is a blend of a Web Design and SEO company mixed with an Advertising Consulting agency. They had been working together for years and finally realized that it was time to join forces. Their knowledge of best SEO practices mixed with other marketing and advertising techniques is what birthed CallBlu.

One of our key initial successes was in the retail auto glass industry. CallBlu worked with career industry participants to create a unique program that delivered significant new business to their company. From this, we expanded into other services and commercial businesses to help our new clients “Reach More Customers.”

We have always believed in providing valuable and measurable marketing solutions for every business we come across. CallBlu is determined to help our clients find their customers and draw them in.

We have helped large and small businesses with online marketing all across the world including Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the UK.